Relaxation Massage     60 minutes / $60 | 90 minutes / $80

A classical massage using a variety of stokes and techniques. This gentle massage will increase circulation and calm the central nervous system. Soothing away muscle tension and stress to re-balance your body and improving overall relaxing mind and body. Thai Relaxation Massage

Thai Yoga Massage     60 minutes / $60 | 90 minutes / $80

Traditional Thai Massage is a unique healing art including a deep full-body treatment stimulating and relaxing. Pressure point massage a long with stretches movement like doing yoga without any work, releases blocked energy and increases awareness and vitality. Gentle stretching of the joints and muscles relieves tension, enhances flexibility and induces a deep state of tranquility.

You will feel completely revived and restored, experiencing relaxation throughout the body and tranquility of the mind.

Royal Thai Style Massage     60 minutes / $60 | 90 minutes / $80

A unique combination of Thai Yoga and relaxation massage with hot stones is a signature spa treatment designed to give you complete relaxation of body, soul and mind.

Thai Therapeutic Massage     60 minutes / $70 | 90 minutes / $100

Deep firm pressures and slow strokes on tense areas loosens muscle tissues, relieves soreness, releases toxins from muscles, and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly while relaxing and soothing tired muscles.

Thai Herbal Ball Massage     60 minutes / $80  

Traditional Thai hot herbal compresses contain a blend of many Thai herbs that* are tightly wrapped into a cotton bag. This unique combination of heat, herbs, aromatic scent, and massage help to reduce muscular tension, increases circulation, healing and get rid of toxins.

Pregnancy Massage     60 minutes / $60 | 90 minutes / $80

Relieve weight-bearing tension on lower back pain, and stresses with relaxing massage and stretching techniques on gentle side-positioned massage and special care during pre and postnatal mother.